Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reason Why Most Of The Kids Like Designer Clothes

From many years our lifestyle and the ways of living or its conditions are increased into our lives. Dressing up children also became a trend. Walking to school, you can easily find brands like Ed Hardy and Abercrombie & Fitch. But we are afraid due to some effects of their on children's hearts. Kids love designer clothes, this is the thing we must have to take it seriously. Kids love to wear clothes designed for two main psychological reasons: one is to prove themselves. Designer clothing is not just a sample of their aesthetic taste of a normal clothes, but also the price of the financial needs of your family, it seems that just put a clothing brand can raise their social status.
Another reason is that the herd mentality. Trademarks have become famous, not so much the creation of a designer, but the recognition of people for many years, the company's reputation in public. Children see many adults with clothing, the effect of the herd mentality that can follow. These two facts are like harmful thoughts those are as like these, the blind eyes towards psychological studies and also increase the burden on families. Parents should teach young people to overcome mental illness, so that children can have a correct idea of clothes.

 Parents, when they are in good balance. Sometimes you can buy some branded products for children, but for some branded products for children drug addict, could not compromise. You should leave the children to realize the situation of the family, if necessary you can take the children to their jobs so they could find that and how difficult it is to earn. You can also let the children pay the record of the family, so you understand the level of consumption in your home. Did you ever thought that maybe the children clothing brand such as Ed Hardy, Levis, or the coach is the cause of involuntary induction parents. For small children, have no idea of fashion, or signs, but if the parents talk too much about clothes, children can feel superior. Therefore, as a parent, you should make a good example for children. In addition, parents can also place your child to do some housework or work for a fee to buy what they wanted things, can make them understand that money does not come easily.


  1. Every kid wants to wear and look different from other kids. So they love to wear designer and colorful cloths. They always request their parents to buy designer cloths for them.

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